Anal stimulation, prostate massage, milking, dilation of the anus, fisting, double or deep fisting, foot fisting
Enemas: health, cleansing, punishment, bizarre
Impregnation saline: filling breast, scrotum, bladder
Dilation of the urethra, urethral swabs, catheterization
Diagnostics: measuring pressure, blood sugar, vital capacity, urinalysis, weight control
Needles, infusion, sewing, piercing
Electrostimulation ET 312
Vacuum and vibration therapy
Breath control, poppers
Sensory deprivation
Bondage: western, shibari, mummification, curtains
Cum control, POT, CBT
Pissing, spitting
Spanking, tickling
Roleplay: animal roleplay, army training, doctor - patient , guard - prisoner...
Sex coaching for couples
Public games, outdoor, kidnappings
Baby adult, gummi baby
Feminization: complete or partial transformation. Waxing, shaving, makeup, manicure, wigs, clothes, shoes, latex, filling the chest, temporary shaping sex, forced homosexuality
Foot fetish: I love ,,korkáče¨ the special medical shoes and hight heels, stockings, garters. Foot job, trampling.
It is possible to agree on a version of latex or in a madical and classic style.
I am not concerned with traditional sexual services. I do not use health permanently damaging methods. I do not do caviar.
Lesson takes an hour to an hour and a half. It can be combined with classical and energetic massage or physiotherapy.
All practices are considered as a fetish game. I do not do any surgery lasting nature injurious to health.
I am doing everything in gloves. Metal instruments sterilized in the sterilizer, other instruments are sterilized chemically. The material is disposable.
I like to use poppers. I always have several of its variants.